An Apple for the Teacher

No, not your typical apple, but a chocolate apple….

I saw these apples at Purdy’s Chocolates and thought I would use them to show how you can take a simple, store-bought item and easily turn it into a more personalized gift.

By placing the apple inside a wooden basket and adding items such as raffia, colored twine and a matching card,  I was able to add some interest and create a fun little presentation.

Since my oldest daughter had so many teachers this year, I ended up putting a couple of these baskets together (along with the galvanized buckets I had done from the previous post) for year-end gifts.   I joined in with a couple of wonderful moms from her class and the final product included the apple, some cookies, and a gift card to Starbucks — it  was adorable!

One response to “An Apple for the Teacher

  1. Hello You!! Those buckets look awesome, I think I’ve seen them before 😉 I was told about your blog now I’m adding you to my reader, I love it 🙂 I think we need to be crafty together!!

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