Flower Rings

I made these crepe paper flower rings with my daughters one rainy afternoon, using various materials I had on hand — crepe paper streamers, pipe cleaners, beads, washi tape, embroidery floss and a hot glue gun.

I’m keeping the instructions short and sweet as it’s a pretty simple and straight forward project….

Fold a 20″ piece of streamer to create eight layers.  Draw a flower and cut out the shape.

Attach the bead to the crepe paper using  a needle and some embroidering floss (or regular thread).

Make a ring out of the pipe cleaner.  Wrapping it up with washi tape isn’t necessary — I just do it to hide the sharp ends of the pipe cleaner.

Attach the crepe flower to the pipe cleaner using a hot glue gun.  Let the glue dry before scrunching up the crepe layers.

And there you have it – a cute little flower ring.


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